Author: Natalie Wan

Are You Turkey Ready?

A great Christmas tradition is the roast turkey in the middle of the Christmas banquet. And since it is a recipe that we only tackle once a...

Video – Overview of the new ISO 22000: 2018 Standard

ISO 22000 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety. Since 2005, this is the fi...

What Brand of Apple Pies Have Been Recalled?

Another food recall has been made and this time it involves apple pies. The recall was made late yesterday afternoon.

Which Brand of Dried Apricots Are Recalled?

Australian dried apricots were recalled last night. South Australia Health announced the recall following two complaints.

Video – Microbial Testing 101 for Compressed Air: Understanding ISO 8573-7

Many producers know the importance of compressed air in the food production process. Despite its importance, it is very easy for people to n...

What’s Wrong With Cos Lettuce?

Cos lettuce is a popular choice for many of us. They play a crucial part in a good Cesar salad. But they seem to have caused a quite a stir...

Round 4: International Food Safety Round Up 2018

Welcome to the fourth international food safety round up for the year! What’s been happening around the globe?

Do You Know Summer Food Safety? Part 3

Our second last Friday before summer comes. There is no better time to wrap up our summer food safety series! This week, we look into how fo...

Video: How to Build a Risk & Compliance Model for Your FSMS

It is important to have a sound Food Safety Management System (FSMS). According to the International Standard ISO 22003, FSMS is defined as...

Case Closed: Finding The Needle In Strawberry Punnet

The ‘needle in strawberry’ scandal hit many Australians hard around two months ago. Now, the culprit has been found.