Food Safety

Welcome to the Food Safety site

This site is for anyone who cares about Food Safety. Over time we hope to make it a great source for resources, news, information and occassionally a good chuckle.

Our blogs

Our daily blog covers some of the big headline issues from within Australia and around the world. They include the “stories you can’t afford to miss” as well as reminders as to why Food Safety is so important.

Have pity on our bloggers. They have the joy of being reminded each day on how it just isn’t safe to trust other people’s cooking. They still eat out at restaurants but you can safely bet they glance at the kitchen on the way past.

If you have any suggestions or would like to make submissions feel free to use the Contact Us form. We look forward to your feedback.

Our fact sheets

We have fact sheets for food temperature and are working on one for Scores On Doors.

Our sponsor

The Food And Safety web site is sponsored by OnSolution. Their range of temperature loggers, hand washing training, hand washing products, and first aid kits are great. (How’s that for unbiased