Food safety roundup 15th October 2012


As outbreaks worsen, food safety rules stuck in limbo
Detroit Free Press
WASHINGTON — Families who have lost loved ones to food-borne illnesses have watched with alarm in recent months as producers have recalled mangoes, cantaloupe, ricotta cheese, dog food and peanut butter after people were sickened by the tainted
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Canadian food safety system will face U.S. audit
The federal agency responsible for protecting Canadians from food safety hazards will itself soon be under the microscope. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirms it is to be audited later this month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the
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Senior News: Food safety help available for seniors
Poughkeepsie Journal
The Division of Aging Services will present a program on Food Safety for Senior Citizens at several of our Senior Friendship Centers during the month of October. The program will cover the Food & Drug Administration’s four basic rules for preparing
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Mich. Ag Department to award food safety grants
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Department of Agriculture is taking applications for food safety and education grants. The grants will come from the Food Safety Education Fund, which was established in 2000. Food establishments pay assessments of
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Food sickens millions as for-profit inspection companies find it safe
The Seattle Times
Food sickens millions as for-profit inspection companies find it safe. During the past two decades, the food industry has taken over much of the FDA’s role in ensuring that what Americans eat is safe. The agency can’t come close to vetting its
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Lab on food contaminants opens
Bangladesh News 24 hours
Dhaka, Oct 14 (—The government on Sunday opened a National Food Safety Laboratory in Dhaka which is said to be equipped to detect and analyse all types of food contaminants. Built on a 7,000 square feet space at Mohakhali’s Institute of
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Bangladesh News 24 hours
Food Hygiene And Safety – The Most Neglected In Ghana
On top of that, theoretical model in understanding how food safety is compromised by both vendors and purchasers in the context of eating out was not reported in literature. Hence, this research is an empirical endeavor to build a framework that
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Food regulator asks Parle to recall mango candy
Hindu Business Line
The Maharashtra FDA has asked Parle to recall its entire stock of the candy as it was found to contain buffered lactic acid, which is prohibited under the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006. Mumbai, Oct 13: The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration
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Hindu Business Line
Sunland Recall Expands to Include Whole Peanuts | Food Safety
By News Desk
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