10 food items to keep OUT of the fridge

Some fruits and vegies are actually better off on the counter — or stored in a cool, dark environment like the pantry. While they may not get ruined from being stored in the fridge, the best-by date is often shortened,

SA Salmonella Outbreak. Do you know someone at risk?

In South Australia, more than 26 people sick have now suffered salmonella poisoning, and a food recall is underway. The product in question is alfalfa sprouts. If you know anyone in South Australia who eats alfalfa sprouts, then they need to


Wanted – The Top Ten Food Poisoning Culprits

The figures are in. The list is out. Here are the Top Ten foods on the nasty list. Check out what’s at number 10 and work your way down to the number one food poisoning culprit. WHAT’S AT #10?

Video: Upgrades and Optimizations of Your HACCP Flow Diagrams

Many in the food industry know the importance of implementing HACCP in their business. These Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  helps control and identify the hazards that might occur in the food production process. It also places stringent actions to

Busted! 10 Food Safety Myths

Wives’ tales run rampant in the world of food safety. But let’s clear the air and bust those that are only hearsay and figure out, once and for all, what is true and what is not. The Food Safety Myths

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