How can Scores on Doors be improved?

We cannot claim that any of these suggestions are foolproof solutions or perfect fixes to the system. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting some ways they can be enhanced for the next edition.

Show Passing as a Pass

Simply put, lower the current scores by two stars. So, a restaurant meeting legal requirements scores 3 points, while non-compliant premises get 2, 1, or 0 points. This adjustment aligns better with consumers’ expectations of a 5-star system, making it more intuitive to identify potential health risks. It will strongly impact non-compliant restaurants, motivating them to meet expected standards.

Strive for Excellence, Not Compliance

Using 3 stars to indicate compliance frees up 2 stars for showcasing excellence. Bonus points can be given to businesses surpassing the requirements for a 3-star rating, ensuring consistent compliance. Bonus points may be awarded for:

Mandatory and Public

As a consumer, it’s reasonable to know if a restaurant doesn’t comply with food safety standards and to easily identify safe places to visit. Instead of displaying results only at restaurant doors, a more accessible approach could be through a council notice board or, better yet, an online platform showcasing results. This way, customers can check results before arriving, preventing surprises post-booking. 

To enhance convenience, integrating these results into platforms like Google Maps could provide a seamless experience, allowing users to explore local restaurants with food safety information readily available on the map.