Have you ever wondered why so many people hate “food safety”?

Why is it that we need to have a set of rules for people to follow, and why do we have to police them? Why is it, the more we try to talk about food safety, the less people listen?

I have a personal theory. It’s mine. It’s not the company’s official policy. (Throw in some legal disclaimers here).

My theory is this – food safety is a boring list of dos and don’ts. It’s a nancy state. It’s a killjoy.

But what do people feel passionate about? What will they jump onto social media and share with the world? What is a topic that people can very quickly get very, very passionate about?

Food poisoning!

We have somehow lost the connection between food safety and food poisoning. My goal with this site is to close that gap again. It’s about making food safety relevant. It’s about talking about food poisoning and the consequences. It’s about ensuring that people care.

Because it is only when someone really cares that they will act.

This is a non-profit web site. We promote our book “The Rotten Food Cookbook” to help promote awareness of food poisoning. We also have links to the web site of our sponsor who pays for the web hosting and incidental expenses. We aren’t out to make money from this site, but to change lives.

If you would like to contribute to the site we would love to hear from you.