What is good about Scores on Doors?


SoD offers a clear standard. The simplicity of the score sheet, which follows a uniform checklist across all councils and restaurants, contributes to standardising expectations. Although there is room for interpretation, acknowledging that certain issues may have varying degrees of severity allows for a nuanced approach.


The program covers 45 topics, striking a balance between manageability and comprehensiveness. The list isn’t super complex and a restaurant owner could work through the list and ensure they comply before their audit.


As mentioned earlier, certain categories can score 8 points, leading to an automatic failure. Scores on Doors particularly focuses on penalizing lapses in handwashing and temperature control, crucial for food safety. This aligns with our sponsor OnSolution, specialises in handwashing products, training, and temperature logging systems.


SoD demonstrates adaptability. It evolves, incorporating new tests and addressing current weaknesses in the industry to solve specific problems. This adaptability ensures the program remains relevant and effective in enhancing overall standards in the food service industry.