Scores on Doors

The Scores on Doors scheme (SoD) is a joint venture between the NSW Food Authority and local councils. According to the NSW Food Authority: “Scores on Doors allows the public to know how well food businesses are complying with food safety and hygiene requirements.”

Scores on Doors is a fantastic in concept, providing consumers with valuable information about the safety of restaurants. It’s reassuring to know which places adhere to food safety standards and which ones might be pushing legal boundaries. First, it’s essential to understand the proposed rating system:

5 Stars

The business has achieved the highest level of compliance with food safety standards.

4 Stars

The business has very good food safety practices, with some minor areas that need attention.

3 Stars

The business maintains a good standard of food safety compliance, with several areas needing correction.

Interestingly, the system suggests the possibility of 2 and 1-star restaurants, indicating below-average performance. The reality, however, is that anything below 3 stars is considered a failure. 

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