IFSQN – International Food Safety and Quality Network

The International Food Safety and Quality Network (IFSQN) web site is a great place to network with people from around the world involved with food safety.

I’ve been a member for about a year now and here’s my impression of the site.

The range of subscribers is huge. It starts with students and people with no idea and goes all the way up to people with decades of experience.

Consequently the questions range from “I’m new at this, how do I…” through to “who has scientific evidence about…”.

Some of the information is very country specific as local legal requirements are discussed, but there is an underlying concept of an acceptable standard and best practice. It also helps that international standards are now being picked up locally.

The people are really friendly. There’s no bagging out for silly questions or for getting things wrong. It is an open and helpful discussion on how to get things right.

So check out ifsqn.com.

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