Food Poisoning Fine

ACT Food Poisoning Scandal – $1 Million Fine


The ACT food poisoning was a recent issue. On Tuesday, the 5th of November, a restaurant in the Australian Capital Territory was forced to pay out an approximate of $1 million to victims.

The Copa Brazillian Churrasco Restaurant was ordered to compensate for two children and many others who were a part of a mass food poisoning incident over the year. The foodborne illness was caused by traces of salmonella found in the potato salad that was made with mayonnaise with bad raw eggs. The owners are now facing civil and court action.

As the Canberra Times reported, they believe that this court action seems to be some the biggest and boldest steps taken by the court in recent years. On top of the required $1 million dollars used in pay out, the restaurant has to pay approximately $5000 to the juveniles who got sick.

Since the food safety outbreak in 2013, the ACT Health investigation have found a Victorian egg supplier to be responsible for the fiasco. These bad eggs caused salmonella food poisoning in more than 100 people, with 15 people hospitalised.

Since the incident, the restaurant has been closed down. This one outbreak of food poisoning managed to make it into the national media and killed the business’s reputation overnight. On top of that, there are still the ongoing legal battles. The total cost of this one outbreak of food poisoning is still to be determined.

This should be a warning to all restaurant owners that food safety isn’t just something that they should give lip service to but is something that is fundamental to their ongoing success.

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