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ACT To Reduce Fundraising Food Safety


ACT To Reduce Fundraising Food Safety

One thing that many Aussies love is the charity sausage sizzles and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) had strict regulations regarding fundraising food safety. However, after due consideration, the ACT government has decided to revise their current ‘red tape’ food safety legislation.

In September 2013, the ACT government introduced a law that forced organisations like charities and sporting groups to have a food safety officer present at their barbecue events if more than five were held in a year. This made it a lot of concerns for school groups and charity organisations. The planning of a simple event just got a lot harder…

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher announced that under the new legislation if the company sold ‘low-risk foods’, they would not be required to notify the ACT health. She says that the new laws are aimed at other business and organisations so they are still trying to find ways to protect the consumer while providing the organisations with the freedom it needs for such events. The foods that will be required to be tested will depend on whether it is high risk or not.

By proposing such rules, the fundraising component of such events seems futile. Most of the money that would be collected may be used in training the food safety officer as opposed to being used in the desired charity. Although the ACT government officials have the best of intentions, many organisers want an easy way out. The new revelation from the ACT government about revising the law has brought gladness to many organisations.

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