Food safety

Advancements in Food Safety.

Food safety

In recent decades, food safety has taken some important advances to protect the consumers from any bad food-borne illnesses. Professor Darryl Lund from the University of Wisconsin is a veteran when it comes to food science. He says that even though technological advances have been happening over the past half a century, not much happened in terms of food safety until recent years.

With the advancement with technology, food manufacturers have been able to package and preserve their products in a better fashion and maintain a better food safety standard. Lund believes technology such as the EnWave’s nutraREV. It uses a combination of vacuum pressure and microwave for rapid and low-energy dehydration of food ingredients and this helps stop the food from going bad.

Here are some of the top advancements as listed by Professor Lund.

  1. The refining of microwave-assisted processing

  2. Applications of high-pressure processing

  3. Developments of membranes for RO, ultrafiltration, microfiltration etc.

  4. Developments of aseptic processing of particulates

  5. Ultrasonic processing

  6. Modeling digestion

  7. Developments in in new films and performance packaging

  8. Advances in computer modeling

  9. Advances in emulsion science

  10. Advances in freezing technology

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