food safety challenges

APEC Discuss Food Safety Challenges

food safety challenges

With 21 leaders meeting for the APEC summit, there has been discussion over food safety challenges. During these times of changing global conditions, the APEC wish to ensure that the food being consumed is safe, accessible and sustainable. As a result food and agricultural ministers for APEC have come up with an outline for new and innovative cooperation network.

Last Friday at Beijing, the ministers held a meeting discussion food security and about how to tackle the issue of feeding 2.8 billion people and alleviating hunger. Even though there has been great progress in agriculture in the Asia Pacific, there is still a major imbalance in the distribution within economies. Factors like population growth, climate change, environmental changes continue to pose as problems.

The action plan being proposed will help the connectivity of APEC food standards and place an emphasis on strengthening food safety management. This will be achieved through international alignments and developing risk based requirements and establishments to improve early warning, tractability and recall systems. This will be known as the Policy Partnership on Food Security scheme.

All leaders agreed to pursue more research into eco-friendly technology to battle the war with climate change. They will also continue ponder on methods to reduce food wastage.

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