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Asia Food Safety Round Up – July Edition

Japan: 300 Suffer From Food Poisoning At Sport Stadium
Police and health officials reported that 300 students go food poisoning at a soccer and rugby tournament. Nearly half of the victims were hospitalised but none suffered long term effects. It all began when players began vomiting and complaining about stomach pains. This prompted the event being canceled, sending the 3700 players, officials and spectators home.
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India: Lizard Found In Egg Puff
New Ragam Bakery at Ammankoil have the police against them since one of their customers found dead lizard in their egg puff. This is not the first time this has happened. This comes as the third time this month that a lizard has been found in an egg puff.
The victim began vomiting and feeling giddy after taking a bite out of the egg puff. After seeing that a dead lizard was inside, his friends rushed him to the hospital.
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China: Shanghai Closes Meat Factory Supplying For McDonald’s and KFC

food safety
Authorities have shut down US food provider OSI Group for selling expired meat to restaurants. The workers at the OSI Group would mix expired meat with fresh products and deliberately mislead quality inspectors of McDonald’s. Being a major groups that provides for many big chains, it is vital that immediate action is taken.
This serious food safety hazard has caused police to discuss severe future punishments, and the big restaurants have ceased using their meats provided by the company in question.
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