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Asia Food Safety: Round Up


With many food scandals, people are concerned about Asia food safety. So how are some countries in this large continent dealing with this?

Taiwan: Government Intervention

Locals are concerned about the current state of Taiwan health safety. In order to protect their citizens from any further foodborne illnesses, the Taiwanese government is in the process of introducing various measures to prevent scenarios like the ‘gutter oik’ scandal from occurring again.

The Cabinet in Taiwan has initiated a number of measures for the future. Some of these movements include heavier fines, higher in higher informer rewards, improved refuse oil recycle management, an overhaul of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system and better food tracking systems.

India: Star Joins Food Safety Launch

Indian food processing and packaging company, Tetra Pack, has begun a campaign, ‘Right To Keep Food Safe’. The campaign is an awareness initiative to help the company’s continuing efforts to increase consumer awareness around food safety and nutrition. With the help of Aditi Gowitrikar, doctor, actor and mother of two, it should spark more interest from the locals and hopefully educate locals more about food safety.

Pakistan: Food safety and water treatment awareness seminar

The Punjab Food Authority held a Food safety and water treatment awareness seminar. Food safety officers made the importance of proper clean water very clear. They also said that workers suffering from infections should not work.

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