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Australia Grocery Food Safety: Statistics Tell All


Grocery food safety does not have to always be seen in the contents of the product, we can also look at food safety through the lens of a more economical perspective. Looking at the sale figures of particular grocery products around Australia, we can see how what people are consuming are changing their consumption habits.

From a recent study done by Fairfax Media for The Sydney Morning Herald, researchers found that 10% of the nations annual grocery bill goes to tobacco products and junk food. A more insightful list provided the top ten fastest growing grocery categories:

  • Roll-your-own-cigarettes: increase of 15.7%
  • Chip: increase of 6.4%
  • Ice-cream: increase of 6%
  • Medicinal: increase of 5.5%
  • Cigarettes: increase of 5.4%
  • Yoghurt: increase of 5.1%
  • Confectionery: increase of 3.3%
  • In-house bread and cakes: increase of 2.1%
  • Coffee: increase of 1.3%
  • Soft drinks: increase of 1%

This statistic is quite a concern in terms of healthy lifestyle. With six out of ten product on this list being products that can cause a lot of harm to one’s well-being, it may seem that Australians have not adopted the healthy attitude as we believe ourselves to have…

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