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Australian Food Safety Is Kept By Quarantine


In comparison to the rest of the world, Australian food safety is in a quite a good position. This might be due to the geographical location or by the strict quarantine legislation held by the Australian government. No matter what the reason, it has protected many from health threats, more farming costs and kept our natural wildlife safe.

Even though these restrictions have protected many Australian civilians, it is mostly seems as market protectionism or carriers to trade. Hence, the United States are putting pressure on the government to ease the trade laws. If the current regulations on trade are to be revised, the Australian government need to consider the health and safety of the populace.

Australia’s products are renowned around the world to be clean and green. Since we do not have many trade-hampering pests and we specialise in low-input, low-output production systems. This controls our chemical use and our end product is purer than most countries. With our own high expectations, it affects what we trade and we prefer not to trade with those who have lower health standards than our own.

So the move for Australia to change its laws to become less stringent like America’s seems to not benefit our country either economically or socially. Even though this might mean our regulatory standards can cost more, the consequences of leaving our country open to unknown food safety risks is too dangerous.

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