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China and America Join To Improve Food Safety

food safetyAfter the fiasco with the expired chicken used in the factory that provides for McDonald’s, KFC and many other major chains, food safety has become a major concern for the Chinese officials. As a result, Chinese and Californian universities are going to team up to improve food safety. The University of California at Davis and China’s Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University in Shaanxi province this week signed an agreement to establish the Sino-U.S. Joint Research Center for Food Safety.

With the official ceremony and signing of the memorandum of agreement completed, both parties are excited about the prospective work to come. Both sides hope that new discoveries and coming up with solutions in improving China’s state of food safety.

The five year long agreement will involve the universities conducting joint food safety research and development. The Chinese side will do most of the funding while the American side will find a suitable research coordinator for the project. Break down of funding and project content will be released in three months time.

Particular areas that the universities want to research in are dairy safety and food traceability. These two points are crucial in protecting the masses from food-borne diseases while also being great in tracking food issues in China, which has more than 220 million small farms of five acres or less.

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