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More Christmas Food Safety

Christmas food safety does not only include the preparation time but also the time to serve food. Following on from yesterday’s post about the dangers we should watch out for as we buy groceries, here are some tips to help keep the food you prepare safe.

Aussies have a special type of Christmas; it is hot. Really smouldering hot. So we have to put not only our preparations in mind, but how to store our food so that we will not help pathogens grow in our food.

  • Do not leave your ingredients out! Once you have finished using it, put it back in the fridge or freezer.
  • When barbequing meats, keep raw meat away from the sun. Have an esky handy or at least, have it covered in a shaded area.
  • Make sure your food does not stay out in the hot for too long. This is especially the case if you are eating outside.

Why is Christmas food safety important?

A lot of this seems like common knowledge, so why two blog posts regarding it? Because it is the holiday season i.e. silly season. We get complacent with the things we normally do. As we get out of routine, we slack off in our food habits and this might cause a lot more harm than help. So as the author, my hope is that this will remind you to be diligent even during the break.

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