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Cronuts Force New Food Safety Procedures.


Cronuts are a massive phenomenon and also proving to be a big food safety hazard. For those that do not know what cronuts are, they are basically a pastry that is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. First created in New York, the pastry is laminated dough I grape seed oil, which is then fried. The final touch is then cover it with sugar then filled and glazed.

However, recently the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) released some new food safety procedures for the cronuts after more than 200 fair-goers reported becoming ill in 2013. Therefore, for this year’s fair, vendors will be required to give a full list of all the foods that they plan on preparing and selling. The CNE food inspectors will scrutinise the temperature that items are stored to keep all the food served safe from becoming unsafe.

Specifically, the cronut burger last year, which contained a beef patty and cheese, caused more than 79 cases of food borne illnesses. The Toronto Public Health (TPH) found that the cause of the incident was due to Staphylococcus aureus toxin found on the topping used in the burger. The cause of the contamination was due to poor refrigeration.

Learning from their mistake, CNE have taken extreme measures to protect their consumers. We can only hope that their extreme measures will help uphold the food safety levels during the fair.

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