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Delay in Labeling Food Safety for Meat


The biggest step for labeling food safety might be delayed for another four years – in 2018. What was this biggest step the food safety industry wanted to take? They were looking into a placing labels on mechanically tenderised beef. However until it is finalised with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by the end of the year it will be delayed.

Mechanical tenderisation of beef can be a problem. It poses health risks since it can transfer pathogens from the surface of the meat and seep into the centre. If the meat is cooked rare or not thoroughly, it can cause foodborne illnesses.

A major problem for tenderised meat without labels is that hether or not a cut of meat has been tenderised. Anyone who might want to take extra precautions to avoid E. coli or other pathogens in their steak has no way to identify the additional risk without a label.

Why is labeling food safety so important?

The answer is quite simple. Consumers can know what a product is without having to actually trying out the good. Especially in cases like this, where consumig the good can actually cause you harm. It is very important for governing bodies to be careful about what is deemed worthy to be labeled.

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