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food safety

As the rest of the world move towards the use of genetically modified crops, Europe remains hesitant in allowing this new farming methodology. However, the European Union seeks to clear up any food safety stigmas and rumours around genetically modified food around Europe.

Even with the support of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), this discussion might take a bit of work. The green campaigners around Europe, who is concerned about the ramifications of the genetically modified crops and how they might affect the environment, receive great support from the locals. But there are those that support the movement towards genetically modified crops. The agri-business lobby argues that by resisting a technology that boosts yields and rural incomes, Europe is losing its place at the forefront of agricultural innovation

The unique nature of the European Union means that it is difficult to pronounce one decision that encompasses all the countries that participate in their governance. So, in June 2014, the EU environment ministers approved the new rule where they permit individual countries to make their own decision on the movement of GM crops. Though this may not be the perfect decision for a major change, the disparity in views just made it to hard to come to a conclusive decision. Let’s hope this step was not the wrong move.

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