Factory Beginnings for Food Safety.

Food safety is something that is on people’s mind now more than ever. A new system of traceability in poultry factories around the States, Europe and Russia will help the food safety process in the poultry industry. The system requires the factories to show all the movements of the raw materials and processed products. This transparency will hopefully keep hazardous products from going into stores and eventually to the consumer’s stomach.

So, how does it all work? The ISO 22000 standard considers the chain as a sequence of stages and the actions included in production, processing, distribution, storage and the handling of food and their ingredients, from primary production up to final consumption. This standard demands all types of organisations to apply a system of food safety management in the delivery chain.

In order to guarantee the required traceability, the factories and the country’s food and safety department will need to work alongside each other and be completely honest. The main thing is to be clear on the procedures used in the factories. For example, Production of feed is the main factor of delivering qualitatively and competitive products to the farm. Improvement of technology, preparation and storage of feed, use of perfect transport vehicles and properly working equipment allows to produce good quality feed. This leads to good meat in the factory which is ready for consumption by the consumers.

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