halloween food safety

Festive Eating: Halloween Food Safety

halloween food safety

Halloween food safety is particularly important because it also marks the beginning of the Winter Food Olympics. It is given this special title because in the United States, from Halloween onwards, there will be three months of endless festive easting! From Thanksgiving to Christmas, to New Years to the Superbowl, many families will be eating a lot of food!

Halloween marks the start of this, with children gathering a tonne of lollies from Halloween parties or at community parades and events. This is not only bad for ‘easy to gain pounds’ but also can lead to various types of food-borne illness. In order to stand above and beyond the threats made by the Halloween eating habits, one must have an idea of how to go by such festivities.

  1. Begin equipping your children and yourself by setting limits on what is to be consumed. For example, the amount of lollies a day
  2. Choose the events carefully so that you know your children will not be in contact with food that can make them sick
  3. Have supply of healthier sweet alternatives so that your kids will be eating proper food as well

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