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One of the most common food borne illnesses is caused by camplyobacter, says UK food safety professionals. It affects over a quarter of a million people a year. Campylobacter can be caused by raw or undercooked chicken, or from contamination due to washing raw chicken. Here are some tips in preventing this particular strand of food poisoning

  • When storing chicken, remember to put it back in the fridge. Cover it and leave it at the bottom of the fridge so that the chicken juices cannot drip onto the other food.

  • Do not wash the raw chicken! Cooking the chicken will kill any bacteria on the chicken while washing it will only spread the bacteria to other surfaces or food.

  • Thoroughly wash and clean all utensils and surfaces used to prepare the raw chicken. Also, wash hands with soap and warm water. This help stops cross contamination and the spread of camplyobacter.

  • Cook the chicken properly! Be certain the chicken is steaming hot all the way through as you serve it. Cut the meat at the thickest point and check that there are no pink part in the meat.

Symptoms of campylobacter is typically abdominal pain and diarrhea for two to five days.

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