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Food Safety Checks For Check-stand Belts

food safety

A consumer advocacy organisation in America, Good Armour, has begun a food safety campaign against the conveyor belts in supermarkets. The organisation wants to put microscopes at the conveyor belts to test for bacteria. Good Amour states that the conveyor belts that shoppers are unknowingly placing their food on potentially harmful yeasts, molds, and coli-form bacteria.

From a study done in Michigan State University, scientist have discovered that black conveyor belts are among some of the dirtiest surfaces in your local grocer, which is the major breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms. Being mad out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the conveyor belts are extremely durable but the material is porous. This means that bacteria can easily get trapped and no mater how hard you scrub, the bacteria remains. Even if you are wiling to change the whole conveyor belt, the PVC will be fully contaminated by the sixth month of use.

This proves as a problem for consumers. How are they to protect their food and families from such harmful bacterias? Fortunately, technology has provided a solution to this problem. By installing a antimicrobial conveyor belt cover can reduce the amount of bacteria being absorbed into the pores of the PVC belt.

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