Food Safety Closure on Market Stall Visited By Queen.

In Ireland, a market stall that sold cakes was one of the seven food businesses that had orders to close due to food safety concerns. This market stall famously displayed their cakes to the Queen of England during here visit.

The market stall in the famous English Market in Cork, Heaven’s Cakes, was one of the many stalls that the Queen visited on her 2011 trip to Ireland. The order for closure was given to the stall on July the 14th but was lifted on the 4th of August (just two days ago).

The specific reasons for the closure was not given. All we know is that the order was given under EU regulation and that whatever the issue was, it had been solved.

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Having recently discussed the issues of food safety laws being followed in a market setting, this is another example of why consumers need to be careful in markets. Problems may be caused by storage issues, unknown ingredients and many other issues alike. With so many rife examples, it should cause consumers to be more aware about purchasing food in markets. Observe how the food is stored and ask about the ingredients of your food before you make your purchases at a market.

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