food safety

Food Safety for Fresh Produce.

food safety

Fresh produce is something that is beloved by most Australian families and the proper food safety practices will help keep the harmful bacteria away. Here are some food safety tips that can help protect us from these germs.
One: Clean
Before handling any fresh food produce, wash you hands for at least 20 seconds. As per usual, warm soapy water is preferable. Also, keep the surfaces that will be used for the fresh produce clean by wiping it down. Especially if the surface was previously in contact with raw meat, poultry or fish.
Moreover, if there are parts of the produce that is damaged, get rid of it. Always wash raw fruits and vegetables with clean running water! Use a vegetable brush on produce that has a firm skin such as carrots and melons.
Two: Separate
When storing fresh produce, one must separate the produce from the raw meats.
Three: Chill
Keep your produce in a cool environment. Place leftovers salads back in the cooler as soon as you are finished eating. If you are going out, try to keep coolers out of direct sunlight and avoid opening them too often. Ideally, use separate coolers for drinks since these are opened often.
There is one simple rule: When in doubt, throw it out!

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