Food Safety of the Future: Portable Detectors

A new revolutionary step for food safety in the world! Being a former Communications student, I have learnt about how the fast development of technology has affected the flow of the media and how it is now able to break international barriers. Seems like it is the same case in the food safety industry. American company, ARS Lab has created the PERES system, a portable app-based device that can test meat and poultry for freshness.

CEO of ARS Lab, Augusts Alesiunas, believes that the new user-friendly system on the device could promote food safety in businesses and help avoid costly illnesses caused by poor food safety practices around the globe. Not only does PERES checks for spoilage in food, it also can be used by consumers whether meat bought is fresh or past the consumption date.

For more information about this new gadget, click here.

With such great new inventions, food safety has never been in a better position. This new device will not only help business owners but also the consumers. No big laboratory will be needed to test products and people can be more aware of consumption practices regarding health safety.

The device has one flaw though. It may be able to check if the food is spoiled, but it cannot identify whether the food contains any food poisoning pathogens. Nevertheless, this new device is still a great step forward in the food safety world.

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