food safety hints

Food Safety Hints For Parents

food safety hints

Children are the most vulnerable to foodborne illnesses and parents can get some food safety hints as to avoid any complications. Looking at how E. coli has affected the children in America in the past month, it pushes all parents to be more careful. Two young girls died from unrelated E. coli infections and both suffered from hemolyic uremic syndrome (HUS), a kidney disease caused by the most severe E. coli infections. Currently, five children in Kentucky are being hospitalised with E. coli.

Even with exceptional health care, the best way to protect the livelihood of the children is for their parents to know the signs of E. coli.

First and foremost, parents should request an E. coli test if they believe their children has caught the pathogen. If a child is suffering from E. coli, they might show symptoms of;

  • diarrhea (first it will be watery but it often becomes bloody when the infection becomes more serious)
  • serious stomach cramps
  • nausea
  • vomiting

E. coli can enter a child’s system not only by eating risky food but from their environment e.g. a child’s daycare and drinking from fountain water. Risky food for children include;

  • raw milk
  • undercooked ground beef
  • raw sprouts

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