food safety

Food Safety Issue Arises From Legal Marijuana

food safety

In some special cases, some snacks can be laced with hints of marijuana and it is these foods that are causing food safety concern. This concern is being discussed by not only those against legal marijuana but also by its supporters. Many are worried that consumers who binge eat cannabis-laced food – such as brownies, candy and cookies – are heading towards overdose.

This is not a simple ploy to scare consumers; it has proven to be a real health issue. Overconsumption of marijuana can lead to tremendous fatigue and upset stomach for the consumer. The medical community are also concerned about the psychoactive effects of these sort of consuming habits. Furthermore, with many effects of marijuana still under research, one can not know the full effects of marijuana, hence its federal prohibitions on the drug.

For the state of Colorado, the problem of marijuana is no longer theoretical. A report given by expert John Hudak from Brookings Institution shows how unprecedented challenge of changing the laws and regulations to allow for the establishment of a legal retail marijuana industry. From his report, Colorado’s experience should be a good example for the rest of America.

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