Food Safety Publicity Around The World.

Food safety is something that is growing on everybody’s radar and for many countries, respective health departments want the public to know more about the food safety regulations in their countries. Here are some countries and their incentives for a better world in food safety.

China Launches Food Safety Week

Food Safety

With a history of poor food safety, China’s new step for food safety is a great one. In the past eight years in China, the food industry has seen the traumatic food scares like cancer-causing turbot fish, melamine-tainted milk powder, cadmium-tainted rice, and clenbuterol-contaminated pork.

Since 2011, China has observed an annual event called Food Safety Publicity Week. With a different theme each year, 2014 has a focus on morality, law and regulations. With this movement, the Health Department has observed that consumers are turning to green and organic foods and young parents even go to the extent of buying milk formula for their infants from overseas.

Throughout the week, authorities in China wants to boost consumer confidence in the local food industry. Though there are many factors that can shift one’s confidence, China is doing its best to improve the public’s opinion with the food safety movement.

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Local Council Food Safety Roadshow in Wales.

Throughout next week, the Vale of Glamorgan’s Environmental Health Department will embark on a roadshow across the area to share a number of tips during Food Safety Week. The focus will be to teach proper hand washing techniques, promoting the Food Hygiene Rating Act, general food safety advice for the public.

The Environmental Health Department will also carry demonstration at primary schools on the correct hand washing techniques, and carrying out other food hygiene related activities. The show will move to diffeent locations as to reach more of the public during next week.

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