Food safety regulations on the mend around Canda and America.

Canada: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” mentality is not working.

Even though the food safety inspectors and manager as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency can not publicly declare this, they all share a common concern for the state of the food safety in Canada. Being short run on staff, they have to prioritise different case, thus leaving some cases untouched.

Public confidence is of utmost importance, hence the “don’t worry, be happy” attitude towards food safety. The truth though is far from this and it can infect the highest levels of Canada’s food safety system.

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Smart Food Safety Legislation Over Gloves.

Head of California Assembly Health Committee, Dr. Richard Pan, proposed to change the current food safety code that requires restaurant employees and bartenders to wear gloves when handling food that is about to be served, sometimes referred to as “ready-to-eat-food”.

Many workers in the food industry have complained about the rule set only at the beginning of the year. From sushi chefs to bartenders, many in the food service industry point out that the new legislation is an unsustainable practice that impairs food preparation and is not effective at preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens. Health experts also agree that the glove wearing does not achieve that ideal state of hygiene. Wearing gloves and using utensils does limit contact with food, but unless gloves are changed frequently the potential for harm may actually be increased. The possibility of cross-contamination while using gloves remains.

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