McDonalds Undercooked Nuggets a Food Safety Risk

Food Safety Round Up 3rd June 2014

Food Safety In Australia

McDonalds discovering the publicity cost of poor Food Safety standards

A child complained to their mother about soggy chicken nuggets. The mother discovered that they were, in fact, undercooked. She complained to the store manager and her money was refunded.

But after that she posted photos of the nuggets on the Facebook page “Name Shame and Praise Illawarra“. From there it has made it into the mainstream media including newspapers and TV. McDonalds asked her to take the photos down from the web site but she refused.

So while it is easy to blame “the new kid” for getting it wrong, it’s a lot harder to clean up the mess once it hits social media, especially if you are the corporate giant.

McDonalds Undercooked Nuggets a Food Safety Risk

McDonalds Undercooked Nuggets a Food Safety Risk

And a picture really is worth a thousand words.

 Food safety risk after Adelaide blackouts

Report reveals some Adelaide restaurant and cafe owners didn’t throw out food despite days-long power cut

Restaurants continued to serve meals, even though some food had been left unrefrigerated for up to 48 hours. Source: News Limited

ALMOST 40 eastern suburbs restaurants and cafes tried to sell food which might have gone off after a severe storm cut power for up to two days.

In a report to the Eastern Health Authority’s May meeting, acting senior environmental health officer Nadia Conci says inspectors visited 55 premises in the wake of the February 4 storm.

Ms Conci said many of the businesses failed to throw out food that could have been contaminated after being unrefrigerated for up to 48 hours. For mroe information read the full article at


Food Safety Around the World

Food Poisoning at Awudome SHS

The main outbreak of food poisoning over the weekend was at the Awuome Secondary High School in Ghana. Read about it at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s web site

126 people fall ill to salmonella poisoning in the USA due to chicks

It didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen in one location. Over the last couple of months there have been cases of salmonella poisoning across the USA and they have now been tied back to chicks purchased from the Mt Healthy Hatcheries. I don’t think the irony of the company’s name will have been lost on the victims.

While the supply of safe chicks is one issue, the take home message for everyone is to wash your hands after handling poultry. Actually, the big take home message is “wash your hands before handling food”.

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