Food Safety Round Up 4th June 2014

Food safety in Australia

McDonalds will be happy that there wasn’t too much noise in the social media realms after the chicken nugget story. It took 5 days to run out of steam on Facebook.

Food safety around the world

170 Hospitalised in Northern Vietnam

At least 170 employees at a clothing factory in the northern province of Thai Binh were hospitalized for food poisoning after eating a lunch at the company on June 1 supplied by a caterer.The company hired the Dung Hop Company in Thai Binh Town to provide the meal at VND10,000 (US$0.47) per person.Dung Hop served an omelet, minced pork and cabbage.

See the Thanh Nien News for more information.

Food safety advice from a back packer

On Backpackerlee‘s site we find this great advice for avoiding food poisoning in Bali (and learnt by experience by the sounds of it):

What I do want to do is just draw up a small basic list to help give you the best chance possible of reducing your chances of falling ill like I did:

1. Do not eat raw fish or meats

2. Do not eat fruits unless you can peel them first

3. Do not drink water from the tap (and make sure bottled water is sealed when you buy it)

4. Avoid buffets at all costs!

5. Be aware that locally caught fish in Bali invariably come from polluted waters


Useful food safety links

Glitterbug is a great way to learn how to effectively wash hands. Find out more at the site.

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