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Food Safety Tests Are Given To Chips in Vietnam.

food safety

As mentioned in a previous post, food safety scientist have noted that overcooking particular foods can lead to particular types of cancer. One such type of food are starch based food that is cooked at high temperatures. With this new outlook, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is testing the safety of such items that have these qualities.

Radio Voice Vietnam announced on their website that the Food Safety Department of Vietnam has requested that chips from the leading fast food chain store, KFC, and three other bagged chip samples are to be given to officials for testing. This move by the Vietnam government was taken under the decisions of the European Food Safety Authorisation (EFSA). The EFSA had a public consultation that declared their concerns for acrylamide (the burnt spots that can be found in the cooked starch).

Since acrylamide can be found in foods such as coffee, fried potato products, biscuits, crackers and crisp breads, soft bread and certain baby foods, the affect it has on children has raised the issue to come to a conclusion by scientist and other professionals online by the 13th of September, 2014 and final adoption of the opinion to be made by June 2015.

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