frozen food safety

Frozen Food Safety Scare Causing Hepatitis A

frozen food safety

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has suggested that consumers boil their fruits after the recent frozen food safety concern around Europe. Although the authorities first made this declaration last year, the renewed the advice recently.

This phenomenon has been an Europe-wide catastrophe, where the use of unboiled frozen berries has caused a number of unexplained cases of Hepatitis A. Disconcertingly, the source of the problem has not been found and the faulty berries may still be in circulation.

As the Food Safety Authority of Ireland began researching into the issue, they could not pin point the issue to be an abroad matter. So now, the research has moved to looking at the cases and the links it may have with frozen berries or other foods.

The first report of the Hepatitis A was made in May 2013 in Germany. It reported cases of people that had recently been to Italy were getting the disease. Furthermore, Italy itself also identified that there a was national increase in Hepatitis A. Since then, there has been 1,440 cases reported in 12 European countries, 331 of which have been confirmed by tests.

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