Future of Food Safety Around the Globe.

European Union: Horizon 2020 Continues Focus on Food Safety
SAFE Consortium members pleaded their case through the Vision Document. The main concern is the negligence towards the food chain and suppliers.
Consumers share the same concerns, worried about the safety and nutritional quality of food after being altered and prepared in different habits before being eaten.
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China: Planning for Food Safety Testing and Market Research for 2018.
Having had many cases of food safety issues in the past few years, the general public became aware of the issue and this prompted action on the food testing industry.
The move will see development status of food safety testing industry both in China and overseas, the current China’s demand market size, technical status, competitive landscape, development opportunities and trend analysis, analyses on development status of China’s food industry and brief introduction of leading institutions in China food safety testing industry and their institution settings.
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New Zealand: Rethinking Food Safety After Complaints
The public’s issues of the new guidelines proposed by Stratford’s food safety forced further consideration. Nine submissions were made and the most extreme complaint required that 100% of the staff should undergo training for handling food.
Most of those that are in charge are saying it will be a further expense, especially for those that are using volunteers.
Results will be known at the next meeting.
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