G20 food safety

G20 Food Safety: What Are They Eating?


With one of the biggest political event finished down under, did the politicians considering G20 food safety? Looking at what they were eating, it might not be the top issue on their agenda.

Some of Brisbane’s top chefs joined forces to prepare a menu that is to be the envy of everyone.

For breakfast, the leaders of the countries with the most economic power devoured 10,000 croissants and 5000 Danish pastries. Of course, necessities like caffeine will also be provided with 100,00 cups of fresh Aussie coffee. Locally farmed fruits like mangoes and pineapples were also provided.

After some serious global serious discussions, the world’s leaders stomach’s were ready for lunch! The focus of this meal was seafood, with crab and prawns taking centre stage. 25,000 kg of fresh produce was ordered for this meal.

At the end of the day, the politicians feasted on Prime Minster Tony Abbott’s favourite dish (in true Aussie style), a classic Porterhouse steak. To finish off with dessert another Aussie classic was consumed – the pavlova.

G20 food safety… was it even considered?

Of course, it was – one can only imagine the fuss it would have caused if any politician and their entourage got sick. They screened food for arsenic but that only gets you so far. So if some of the most high-class chefs are concerned for the safety of their food, it goes to show EVERYONE should take more caution in this.

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