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Hawaii Colour Codes Food Safety

food safety

A new incentive by the Hawaiian Department of Health, where the new Food Safety Code program uses colour-coded cards to help customers distinguish whether the restaurant complied to food safety standards.

Depending on the state of the restaurant or food truck, a different coloured ‘placard’ will be placed at the shop. There are three colours a restaurant can receive:

  • Green: If a green coloured card is given to a restaurant, it means that there were no more than one critical food safety hazard found

  • Yellow: A yellow card is given to a restaurant or food truck is given if there are two or more critical violations, or if they did not correct a critical violation

  • Red: The red card shows that the establishment’s food safety standards are a threat to one’s health and requires closure (the system seems a bit like the yellow and red cards used in soccer)

Not only has the new program has helped promote efficiency and funding for the Hawaiian health department, but has also empowered the consumers. The placards give the consumers a peace of mind about an establishment’s food safety standards and they know they are protected from foodborne illnesses and other health hazards.

Talk about naming and shaming food safety standards at its best!

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