food safety guidelines

Importance of Food Safety Guidelines

food safety guidelines

If you have only recently started following this blog, you might wondering why food safety guidelines are so important. It is so that consumers will be certain when food is safe to eat. With many still unsure, it is vital that those that know do their best to educate others.

In Western England, companies are attempting to train their employees to understand these guidelines better so that food will not go to waste. From their recent study, they found that most consumers (44%) throw their food out after their leftovers go rotten or they waste food because it goes off before the product’s use by date. Another 29% have their products expire before they consume the product and the remaining while another 22% throw food out because they prepared or cooked too much.

With proper food safety tips, consumers can avoid such food waste. Consumers will not buy so many products if they have a better understanding of expiry dates. So, Western England has initiated a program – Working On Waste – which seeks to bring food and grocery companies together to educate their employees as consumers to reduce food household waste.

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