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Improvements in Nut Food Safety

food safety

Though many may be allergic to it, we still need to consider the importance of nut food safety. Since there are many people who enjoy them, especially the peanut variety, food scientist have discovered a method to dry-roast peanuts that would reduce the risk of salmonella.

This particular food borne illness is a common concern in peanut production, since a large number of reports have been handed in. Bühler Aeroglide, in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service, have researched and discovered a way to roast nuts in a method that significantly decreases the risk of salmonella exposure to peanuts.

About two months ago, the Peanut Science journal published the Bühler Aeroglide study which predicts log reductions in peanut dry roasting using industrial dry roasting parameters. With the help of many peanut production companies, they were able to process the laboratory scale roaster which helps pin point areas that need modifying.

The first steps to fixing this problem is modesty. Companies to be honest with their problems so companies like Bühler Aeroglide can assist in finding the answer. From the roaster sampled, they realised that the machine needed improvement in air flow capacity, cool spots as well as hot spots can be eliminated because during the roasting process, when air flow is evened out across the entire product bed according to specific controlled parameters, the result is better uniformity in roast color and moisture, combined with a safer food product.

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