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India Food Safety Festivities

india food safety

With the festive season around the corner, the India Food Safety authorities have sent people out to check whether stalls around Calcutta are following the correct rules. The festival, Druga Puja, is a time where a lot of civilians let their guard down in term of food safety and though there is no weight policy, authorities want people to be on the lookout.

Though the food safety authorities have directed sampling edible items and special raids, consumers have to take incentive as well. Recently a two member team who followed the instructions of state food controller, Praveen Chandra, the officers began inspections of Dhanbad over the weekend. The collected laddoo and mustard oil maples from two eateries located in a busy part of the district, but even with results, the officials were frustrated. They believe that the current Indian system, logistically, is flawed and is causing many problems. One main issue was the inefficiency of transportation. It took two days for the officials to find transport around the region to cover more eateries.

Jharkhand only has nine food safety officials after a cut made by the government a couple of years ago. With one official for each district, they are assigned a target of collecting minimum two samples every month while respective municipal bodies were expected to conduct independent raids against adulteration. No wonder they are concerned for the safety of consumers during the festival…

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