International Food Safety in the Meat Industry.

Meat Industry Scandal Impedes on Netherlands Food Safety.

After discovering trace of horse in meat, lobbying group Foodwatch is going to court as to force food safety inspectors to enlighten the public of the situation.

This issue was sparked by events earlier in the year, where meat processor Van Hattem Vlees was ordered to recall 28 million kilos of meat sold over the past two years because some consignments included horse meat and non-certified animals had been killed and sold.

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Food Safety Used as Reason to Stop Import of Brazilian Beef in America.

Meat prices are sky rocketing tin the U.S., so it makes sense for the States to look to their top 10 trading partners for an increased supply of meat. However, Denver-based National Cattlemen’s Beef Association claims that this action from 14 Brazilian states is putting American consumers at risk.

They believe that Brazilian standards in this industry is below the U.S. standard and this may jeopardise the safety of American consumers.

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Takeaway owner in Bradford U.K., In Court Over Food Safety Breaches.

The inappropriate placing of raw meat around the fast food restaurant’s kitchen as lead to more than 10 charges to the owner. Sources told that they found Raw meat was found to be kept next to fresh food and a collandar of thawing chicken was found to be dripping on to cleaning sponges at Fresh Fillingz in Duckworth Lane. Charges detailed into the issues of food cross-contamination, food being prepared on a freezer top, and cleanliness problems including a dirty fridge, grease-encrusted air filters above the cooker, and a lack of disinfectant to clean work surfaces.

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