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Lead Detection: Backyard Food Safety


Sometimes food poisoning comes closer than you think; that is why people need to know their backyard food safety facts. Ms Tara Middleton in Auckland, New Zealand was discovered there was lead toxins in her backyard when her chicken got sick.

After taking the chicken to the vet, the vets discovered off the scale lead readings. This that also meant that the eggs were affected. The lead levels in the eggs were three times more than the recommended safe levels. Ms Middleton instantly took herself and her family to the doctors to find they have high levels of lead in their systems.

The clinical director of Pet Doctors (a chain of veterinary clinics around Auckland), Seton Butler says that there is a high health risk through eating chicken eggs. The chickens are now a way for people to realise problems in their home environment. Even though people do not how the chickens are getting poisoned – environment, food, water or poisoning – people should get their chooks to the vet and get tested.

Currently, most lead contamination scenarios in the residential area are caused by old lead paint, stripped from older houses. This is a result of lead-based paint used prior to the 1980’s. Lead poisoning is also hard to detect. People can appear healthy even if there are amounts of lead in the system. Signs do not normally show until a dangerous amount is accumulated.

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