local food safety

Local Food Safety for Ferrero’s Sake

local food safety

As Ferrero begins to expand its business, the owners are focusing their strengths in improving the local food safety knowledge. Ferrero is a major Italian chocolate and other confectionery and with plans to expand, it is important for them to produce products that will not cause harm to their consumers. The group quality director at Ferrero, Salvatore Ranchetti, is confident in the food safety standards that are currently in Europe. Furthermore, with strong and strict relationship with their suppliers, they are able to control their operations and they are also able to note how their customers treat their products.

However, with expansion plans in the works, Ferrero still need to be cautious. As the European Union continues to tighten their food safety laws, it becomes harder to differentiate the appropriate legislation to the products made by Ferrero. Moreover, with more steps placed in the chain, new suppliers may be required. But he arises another issue; different areas may have variation of a legislation. Ferrero has to find a way so that all their products can meet that need and keep food safety under control.

The key challenge for Ferrero is letting the locals be in charge of their own food safety. And as we know, sometimes that isn’t the best of ideas…

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