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Lorde Gets Food Poisoning During Show

food safety

One of the biggest hit artist around the world, Lorde, had to take a beak in the middle of her concert due to a sudden hit of sickness, specifically food poisoning. Lorde is currently in the middle of her rescheduled Australian tour and this incident occurred during her show at Perth only a few days ago

In the middle of one of her performances, Lorde clutched her stomach and had to excuse herself for a bit. On her return after the break, she declared that she had food poisoning and she “must have eaten something weird.” She was able to carry on with the show after that fiasco.

This was not the first time the star had a food poisoning incident occur mid-show. Last year, during a show in Brisbane, Lorde “literally hurled walking offstage”. Though in both scenarios, the source of the food poisoning was not revealed and we do not know if anyone in Lorde’s band also felt ill

If even a superstar can not escape the grasps of a badly made meal, it goes to show that everyone needs to be more careful about what they consume. I hope this goes as a warning to everyone that food poisoning can affect anyone and precautions should be used when preparing an consuming food.

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