Lowering Antibiotics for Chicken Food Safety


The third largest chicken producer in America, Perdue Foods, is a starting a revolution in its ideas for chicken food safety. They are raising higher bars for antibiotic preservation that are used in their farms. The public health community is pleased with this revelation

On the 3rd of September, the company announced that they have ceased using antibiotics in all their chicken hatcheries. Since 2007, Perdue has stopped their use of growth formones in their chicken and does nto use any human antibiotics in their feed. The company does use an animal-only antibiotic to control an intestinal parasite and uses antibiotics to treat and control illness in sick flocks.

However, in order to control the spread of disease at the hatcheries, Perdue has devised four actions to help prevent any sickness.

  1. Cleaning the hatcheries more effectively and targeting specific areas

  2. Regulating the feed so animal byproducts do not get mixed in

  3. Adding probiotics and prebiotics in to the feed

  4. Vaccinating hens and chicks

Authorities approve of this move, saying that this is the step public health needs. They wish that many other producers would follow in Perdue’s new path.

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