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Lowest Food Safety Ranking In China? Tea And Aquatic Goods

food safety

The food safety checks in the first three months of the year discovered that tea and aquatic products have the lowest quality rating in China. The report was created by the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. This unfortunately continues the streak of poor food safety practices around China.

25.2% of the tea and tea products tested by the Administration did not pass the test, while 7.7% of the aquatic goods tested did not pass the test. The other food categories that were tested had at the most 5% failure rate. Though the Administration did not release the reason to why products fail the test, consumers need to be careful.

There were 2761 samples tested from 23 different food categories. This included eggs and edible oil, seven processed meat products and one cold vegetable dish. Some of these goods were found to contain a pathogenic bacteria. Another item that failed the food safety check is three dried fish fillet samples contained tetrodotoxin.

All these goods and other questionable products have been removed from store shelves and are being investigated by the Administration. There will be imposed punishment and the Administration has ordered rectification measures.

Furthermore, the Administration reminded the public that summer is the peak season for food poisoning due to the high temperature and humidity. They also reminded that food needs to be cooked and stored properly to reduce the chance of food poisoning.

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