Australian Food Safety

Many Ignorant of Australian Food Safety

Australian Food Safety

Australian Food Safety is something that remains as an unknown to many in the general public. Most still believe that the only way to get food poisoning is when one consumes undercooked chicken. As a result, many Australian households are playing with the fires of food poisoning as they prepare their food at home.

Thermos Australia did a survey and found that over half of the Australian population (51%) do not have the sufficient knowledge of food temperature danger zones. Since the food is placed in an unsafe environment, it is putting them at risk of food poisoning. From the evidence, 42% of Australians have heard about food danger zones but did not know enough to act upon it. While 9% were completely oblivious to the idea of what these zones are.

Food danger zones are based off the temperature ranges in which food borne bacteria will grow and thrive. One example of abusing the food danger zone is when someone leaves their food unrefrigerated between leaving home on the morning, and eating at lunch time.

In order to prevent any further damage, consumers believe that manufactures should take action and educate the consumers about the hazards of placing your food in an inappropriate temperature.

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